Project 7: Breakout (Devlog #2)

After my devlog post we presented the prototype of our game to the rest of the class. We received positive feedback as well as many good suggestions and critiques. With those points in mind we started working towards our next milestone. 

We started adding a few more game mechanics as well as improving the ones we already had. One important step was swapping out the capsule enemies for a placeholder model and animations so we could implement enemy attacks and hit animations. I also worked on expanding the enemy AI so that when playing coop they can target whoever is closest instead of alwasy targeting player 1 like they were before.


One major piece of advice we got from our presentations was that our 2nd character Arachnid seemed pretty boring compared to Evolve, who has all the cool super moves. Implementing Arachnid's special attacks became a high priority and we started working on adding in his spider drones (which chase down and damage enemies) and a grappling hook attack (which will pull enemies towards the player, as well as stunning and damaging them).


Another major piece of the game we implemented was the various destructible walls that will be placed throughout the level. While Arachnid will be able to hack through locked doors, we will also have certain walls that while react to Evolve's ranged attacks and can only opened when certain power sets are equipped. For now these walls just disappear when hit with the correct power type.