Project 7: Breakout (Devlog #3)

Over the past few weeks we have implemented more gameplay features. Our biggest priority was getting our levels blocked out so we could get a sense of how the game would play and where to place objects.

We have also added a revive mechanic for coop play so when one player goes down they other can revive them in order to keep playing. 

This past week we also worked on or Save Game functionality. We are autosaving at certain points in the game and writing all the needed information to an external file. This allows the player to both continue a previously started game and it allows us to easily transfer player health and other data across scenes.

Another big priority was implementing Arachnid's hacking minigame that will allow him to unlock certain locked doors in the level. This functionality was based around the game I did for the 2018 Global Game Jam, Firewall. I had was able to take the puzzle mechanics from that game and rework them to work with a 2D popup and it fit into our games mechanics.

Going forward we are working on implementing a system to drive our scripted events such as story based triggers.