Project 7: Breakout (Devlog #6)

We have been back in class working on the game again for two weeks so it's time for an update. Over the break and our first week back we worked a lot on ranged enemies. Now we have two types of enemies in the game. The first is the standard enemies that we always have had, and the second is the new ranged enemies. This enemies will shoot at the play until they get really close to them, at this point they will start using melee attacks.

Over the break we also got a bunch of room prop models done. We have the models for almost all of our different rooms done at this point, and are just waiting for textures.

We have also started bringing in different floor textures for the different rooms in the prison so it's not just one texture throughout the whole game. 

Tile floor for showers


Wood floor for offices

Another major piece that we have been working on since my last post is the enemy model. Our enemy model is nearly complete we are just working out a few animation issues so we can bring it into the game.

robot guard model

We also made some improvements based on the feedback from our week 10 presentation. We modified the wall texture of the main prison to be more metallic looking as it was suggested that metal walls would look better in our futuristic prison setting.

Another recent improvement to the enemies is our new patrol system. Now the guards will wander around the prison actualling "guarding" it instead of just standing there and waiting for the player to get close enough.  We also set up our free play functionality so now the ability to switch powers at will while playing as Evolve is locked until completeing the story for the first time. This allows you to unlock new areas the second time you play that you couldn't get to before.

While waiting for the enemy to be finished so we can integrate it into the game I decided to work on bringing in some new effects to the game. I implemented some new particle effects as well as some post processing and lighting.


We decided to really lean into the comic book art style with our particle effects...


We are getting really close to being at a point where we can start letting people play test the game. There are just a few more things we would like to put in before we let people play it. I should be posting with more information about our playtests in the upcoming weeks.