Firewall - Global Game Jam 2018

Over the weekend I participated in the Global Game Jam. This year's theme was Transmission. My four person team developed a game called Firewall. In it you play as a virus navigating the internet and breaking through firewalls in order to infect a target computer. 

The game involves you avoiding obstacles along a path until you come to a firewall where you must complete a puzzle to move on. With each puzzle the difficulty of the obstacles increases. 

At the end of the jam our game was playable but not 100% where we wanted it. There are still various game mechanics and assets not implemented as well as a few bugs we know of and probably a bunch we don't. The version of the game we had at the deadline of the jam is available to download here. Check it out and leave some feedback in the comments. Keep in mind this is what we accomplished in about 48 hours, there will be issues.

Because we think that if completed the game could be really fun, I will be working on finishing it by adding in the rest of the pieces we didn't have time for during the jam, as well as optimizing and fixing bugs. Hopefully we will have a completed version to upload in the upcoming weeks.

Team Members:

Programmer: Robert Bowden

Artists: Tyler O'Grady, Chris Galvez, Dave Deusch